Kim Kardashian Actually Caught on Fire Last Night

Don't worry, Pharrell saved her.
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Kim Kardashian was on fire last night—quite literally. In what many would file in the Worst Nightmare category, the newly-expectant star apparently got a little close to a candle and caught flame while at a dinner following the CFDA Awards.

Wearing a custom Proenza Schouler design, feathers of her dress were ultimately to blame for the scary moment. (Those things are flammable, you guys.)

Good news is, she's totally fine—thanks to Pharrell and his wife Helen, who apparently *jumped* on Kim to put the fire out. Kim shared the moment on Instagram, captioning a photo of her, Pharrell, Helen, and Kanye with the story. And since she wrote "LOL," we're assuming all ended well. You know, along with the fact that she's posting at all. Thank goodness.

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