Just Like North West, Kanye *Also* Can't Stay Awake for Big Life Events


Kanye and North West
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Update, 6/16: Here lies Kanye West, Dad. During North's birthday blowout Monday, a fellow Disneyland guest caught him slumped down in his seat sleeping the deep, open-mouthed sleep of a man who bears the weight of artistry, fashion, truth, goodness, music, art, and immeasurable fame on his velour-ed shoulders. Of what does he dream? Sick rhymes? Modern architecture? Escape? Whatever it is, it has to be more interesting than the tomfoolery going on onstage.


Original post, 6/15: Jet-setting infant North West flew first-class to Armenia, but not even Shirley Temples served in real glassware and printed menus could prevent her from succumbing to a condition that affects babies of all tax brackets: exhaustion.

In a burst of family-vacation Instas posted Monday, Kim Kardashian can be seen cradling a zonked-out Nori during her christening at St. James Cathedral in Jerusalem, to which Kimye and company traveled after a stay in the mother country. Is anyone else getting a whiff of Small Cowper Madonna? WHAT IF KANYE ORCHESTRATED THE WHOLE THING?! TBH, I wouldn't put it past him—he does know Le Corbusier, after all—and there are worse things to evoke than Raphael.



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