Taylor Swift Fires Back After Tabloid Spreads Rumors, Claims This "Is Why We Need Feminism"

We see you, Tay.

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When Taylor Swift isn't fighting for the rights of artists, she's fighting for the truth. After OK! magazine used Twitter to repeatedly promote a story about Swift making a "pregnancy announcement," Taylor took to Twitter to stop the madness.

The "announcement" was actually a tweet and picture of Swift holding up a sign that said, "baby's first concert"—a request from a fan and DJ to announce that he and his wife are expecting a child. As for the "choice in words in labeling"? Readers and GossipCop.com believe she's referencing to the times in the article when Swift was referred to as "Calvin Harris' rumored girlfriend" and "Harry Styles ex-girlfriend."

Hasn't anyone learned by now? She's Taylor Swift, y'all. And she's not to be messed with. (BTW, still waiting for our invitation to join your squad, Tay.)

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