Kylie Jenner's First Kiss Was Apparently So Good It Wiped the Event from His Memory

Deny, deny, deny.

Kylie Jenner being kissed on the cheek by a man
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Let us set the scene: Three extremely youthful Youths lounge on a white couch like they're reenacting that scene from the Great Gatsby when Nick first goes to meet Daisy. In voices that would make even the most steadfast supporter of vocal fry shudder, they quiz head youthful Youth Kylie Jenner on her first kiss.

(This has all been filmed for her wildly popular app, BTW.)

After pontificating on the difference between her first first kiss (Matthew McGraw, fourth grade) and her first real kiss (unknown, seventh grade), the 18-year-old dials Matthew, who—horror of horrors—doesn't remember what happened in Zoe's backyard. "Matthew, you know you were," Jenner said. "You know what I'm talking about."

Suddenly, Matthew regains his memory and throws out a desperate detail about their friend's butler, which seems to satisfy Kylie.

No word on how Tyga feels about this, but here is how Kylie feels about how Kendall feels about her and Tyga. Priceless.

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