Kim Kardashian Learns She Might Be Diabetic

"They saw more fluid than normal in my placenta..."

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Add "serious health concerns" under "having to wear a diaper for two months afterward" to Kim Kardashian's running list of reasons she hates being pregnant (opens in new tab).

In the new promo (opens in new tab) for Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 11, the planetary expert (opens in new tab) discovers during an ultrasound that not only is she at higher risk for preeclampsia, but she might also have diabetes, as signified by the excess fluid in her placenta.

Meanwhile, Tyga and his "Kylie" tattoo's arrival on a girls-only vacation brings the mood down considerably, Kris and Caitlyn declare a truce, and Scott feels alone before running away when Kris and Kourtney yell at him. Watch the video below.

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