Chill, People: Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Have *Not* Broken Up


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Update, 10/12: And with one tweet, we have our answer: 

(Which Taylor favorited, obviously.) 

Original story, 10/12: Just let a couple live, folks. After the internet went nuts earlier today over the "fact" (using the term loosely) that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris had called off their relationship (all because, salaciously, Harris had "gone" "to" "a" "Thai" "massage" "parlor" "and" "gotten" "a" "happy" "ending"), Selena Gomez set the record straight during an interview on SiriusXM's Andy Cohen Live this morning.

Sort of.

"What?! Oh, I don't know. I think I would have found that out," she said when Cohen asked her about the gossip. "I didn't even know—is that a rumor? Oh gosh, of course. This is honestly so stupid."

The idea that Tay's #1 Squad Member wouldn't know of her breakup is a little suspicious, no? For now, we're on the side of love. TALVIN FOREVER

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