At 7 Months Pregnant, Kim Kardashian Feels "Like a Whale" and Is Obsessed with Tacos

Her transformation into a normal human is complete.

Kim Kardashian Feels Like a Whale During Pregnancy
(Image credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images for InStyle)

Hot off the heels of posing with a bunch of supermodels last night, Kim Kardashian has updated the masses about her pregnancy. Turns out she feels "like a f*cking whale," is obsessed with taco salad, and spends most of her time surrounded by pillows. So, basically, us any given day of the week.

The entrepreneur/reality star is seven months pregnant with her baby boy, who is about two-and-a-half pounds according to real science, or the size of a coconut according to food science (AKA the only science that matters).

Kim has been radiating glowy pregnant flawlessness thus far, and has been refreshingly honest about the changes her body is going through. Need we remind you of the time she posted a full nude to Instagram? Thought so, here it is again.

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Mehera Bonner
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