Khloe Kardashian Criticizes Backlash Over Lamar Interview: "Shame on You All for Thinking the Worst of Me"

Epically bad timing strikes again.

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Just moments after news of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's breakup rocked the nation (nay, the world), Khloé Kardashian revealed to People that she and Lamar Odom aren't technically back together

Khloé opened up about her estranged husband in the magazine's print issue, but there's one catch: She completed the interview prior to Lamar's hospitalization, and isn't thrilled about fans implying otherwise.

The reality star set the record straight, tweeting that her interview was the result of bad timing and a contractual obligation.

She also said that the Lamar-focused portion of her interview was conducted in the space of five minutes, and that she's trying to avoid media attention.

Tell 'em, Khloé.

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