Watch Justin Bieber Sneak Out of This Awkward Interview

Kinda can't blame him?

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In an interview with Spanish radio station Los 40 Principales on Monday, Justin Bieber endured questions such as "Do you drink?" and "Are you sorry for being famous?" and "Who dresses you?" before walking out of the studio when he was meant to join a pair of YouTubers in breaking the internet. Aaaawwwwkward, but there was the whole language barrier thing with the hosts talking amongst themselves while their guest sat there like an increasingly irritated bump on a log.

ALSO, he kept chugging a bottle of water, so maybe he really was sick like his tweet said and/or he just had to go to the bathroom.

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Either way, Cara D. still holds the title of Adversarial Press Public Enemy #1 (opens in new tab).

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