Justin Bieber Demands That We Clap Correctly or Not at All

But what about the off-key singing?

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In a stunning development, Justin Bieber didn't walk away when faced with a crowd of clapping-challenged Spanish teenyboppers. Instead, he stood his ground, stopped singing, and literally corrected them like the Mother Superior of a Catholic school if Mother Superiors were allowed to wear beanies.

While performing an acoustic version of "What Do You Peen Mean?" the real human boy paused, commanding the audience to "stop, stop, stop, stop" and "at least clap on the right notes." He then chuckled mechanically.

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On the one hand, surely there must be a scientific explanation for the lag time. On the other hand, a musician truly focused on his craft would never let anything less than a nearby explosion distract him. On the third hand, this is Justin Bieber we're talking about, and it's not like he was even playing a 3:2 cross-rhythm. 

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