You Will Not Believe Kylie Jenner's Completely Insane Car Collection


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If you thought Kylie Jenner's Glam Room tour was incredible/envy-inducing, get ready. In her newest video, Kylie took her disciples on a spiritual journey to visit her fleet of cars. 

You can watch the full tour on Kylie's app, but if you want the CliffsNotes, here are the basics of her collection—which encompasses four cars that are valued well over $100k:

First up, the Range Rover Autobiography Extended Version. Kylie "wanted to do something fun," so she wrapped it in white carbon fiber. Next, the Mercedes G63 V8 BiTurbo AMG, which Kylie originally gave to her mom—only to have a change of heart. 

"She was like, 'you can buy it off me or you can buy a new one,'" Kylie explained. "She's always teaching me lessons." (Side note—we would *totally* take any advice Kris has for us.) Kylie then rounds out her collection with a Ferrari 458 Italia (AKA her "dream car") and a Rolls Royce Ghost. "It's just so classy!" Kylie said while describing the all-white vehicle. "It just makes me feel so boss."

If there's one word to describe this video, "boss" is definitely it.

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