Kylie Jenner Would Rather Stab Herself Than Let Kimye Stay in Her House

"I'm pregnant. They should want to cater to a pregnant woman." *cackle*

Kim Kardashian, family and friends
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In a preview of Sunday's Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it is revealed that no family members really want to live with pregnant Kim and presidential hopeful Kanye. (Sorry.) 

When Kim hits up first Kris, then Kylie for a place to stay while construction on her house is being finished, both of them are like, "Oh. Do you hear that? Someone's calling me." Literally, Kris says she has "to make a run for it," while Kylie says "I would seriously stab myself" at the prospect of opening her $2.7 million home to her very pregnant sister and her husband, who'd probably just nap all over the place.

Will Kimye head to a hotel only to find THERE'S NO ROOM AT THE INN?

Kim Kardashian West

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*sigh* That's a Christmas joke. It's her due date, people. Watch the video below.

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