Kim Kardashian Went on a Do-Goodery Bender and Donated 1,000 Shoes to Charity (All While Breast Feeding)

She's taking her kid's name to heart.

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Now that Saint West has made his triumphant debut, Kim Kardashian seems to be living a relatively normal life. In that she stays up way too late trolling the internet and watching TV. (The only difference is she's holding a newborn baby, while the rest of us are holding an old slice of pizza.)

Kim happened upon Fox's Dish Nation (opens in new tab) while watching TV and breastfeeding, and was so inspired by a girl's quest to donate shoes to charity that she hit twitter.

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Kim then proceeded to tweet Dish Nation at 4:31 am asking for Andover High School student Amelia Flores' contact information, presumably causing some poor social person to have a total panic attack upon waking up in the morning. 

Moral of the story? Late night Kim is the best Kim.

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