Justin Bieber and Drake's Dad Are *Maybe* Working Together

What do you mean?

Drake's dad, Dennis Graham, or The Real Dennis G as his Instagram followers know him, posted a selfie Wednesday with Justin Bieber paired with the caption "We have a surprise coming soon stay tuned," followed by a string of enthusiastic emojis. 

Dennis G. is a musician himself and this week posted snaps of himself in a "studio in Hollywood Hills" playing a guitar and drumming. He said in a 2014 Memphis Flyer article that he's played music professionally in the past and is hoping to jump back into it. Drake fans might recall his guest appearance lip synching to his son's track in the 2013 video for "Worst Behavior."

Biebs posted his own Instagram teaser yesterday—which may or may not have anything to do with Drake's dad. It's just him snapping suavely, captioned, "Something special coming."

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Something special coming

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Yes, we watched the video many, many times trying to spot Dennis G. in the background, but alas, we didn't see him. The mystery of it all!

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