You'll Never Guess What Justin Bieber's Favorite Activity to Do in His Underwear Is



With the kind of open-legged Captain Morgan stance that makes shrinkage a non-issue (the hashtag over the crotch helps too), a Calvin Klein boxer-briefed Justin Bieber stares into the middle distance for the brand's spring 2016 campaign. Is he playing off the marble statue to his right? Is he regretting that time he demanded we clap on the beat or not at all? Nope—he's just flaunting in #hisCalvins.

Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner wants to be with you in #herCalvins. 

And FKA Twigs wants to achieve excellence in hers. 

And Fetty Wap acquires monetary compensation for his efforts in his. 

Finally, this is what they all do in #theirrespectiveCalvins. 

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