Rihanna and George Clooney Reveal Their Deepest, Most Drunken Secrets Playing "Never Have I Ever"

And debate the meaning of "hooking up."

George Clooney holding up a sign that reads "I have"
(Image credit: Ellen)

What's more *whoa*: that George Clooney's forgotten "the name of a person I was fooling around with" before or that not even Rihanna, one of our foremost cultural leaders, knows the official definition of "hooking up?" I CAN'T CHOOSE.

In a revealing game of "Never Have I Ever" played during an episode of Ellen, the Anti chanteuse and Amal Clooney's trophy husband owned up to sending nudes (RiRi), skinny-dipping in Lake Como (George), being drunk before noon (both), and never having hooked up with someone over 50 (all). "Some people think hooking up is like seal the deal, lick the envelope, and close it," Rihanna said after explaining the more innocent connotations of the phrase. Let's go with that.

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