Bette Midler Weighs in on Justin Bieber's Nude: "He Was Definitely Serving Two Hams"

Ya burnt!

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The internet has been quick to point out that the reaction to Justin Bieber's nude photo (opens in new tab) has been more positive than that to Kim Kardashian's (opens in new tab) (sexism is real, kids), but Bette Midler is evening the playing field one snarky tweet at a time.

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Bette and Bieber actually have a long and very weird history of throwing shade at each other. The Grammy-winning actress/singer tweeted (opens in new tab) about Justin's leaked nudes back in October, and in retaliation, he pretended like he had no idea who she was. In fact, he referred to her (opens in new tab) as "this Britt Meddler" during a Billboard interview.

So glad to know their celebrity feud is trucking along like the Little Engine That Could. Also, if you thought you'd get through this article without seeing Bieber's butt, you were wrong:

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