Jennifer Lopez Gives Sexting a Solid "No"

Very sorry to disappoint. 

Getty Images

It's no secret that Jennifer Lopez can do just about anything—she can act and sing, and oh, did we mention that she's also a Global Advocate for Girls and Women for the United Nations? But one thing she would never be caught doing? Sexting. 

J.Lo appeared on Live With Kelly and Michael on Tuesday to play a game of "J.Lo or J.No." She gave her seal of approval to Spanx, binge-watching, surprise parties, and singing in the shower (no shocker coming from the American Idol judge). But sexting got a hard pass. 

Why? She says it's "dangerous," but maybe that's because she'd rather stock her phone with adorable photos of her twins, Max and Emme. And really, you can't blame her for that. 

Just an FYI, she also vetoed man buns.

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