Justin Bieber Is Obsessed with Ryan Gosling, and It's Like, Get in Line

Their one-sided love is Instagram official.

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In between having epiphanies about nature (opens in new tab), frolicking barefoot on the streets of Boston, perching in trees (opens in new tab), and wearing shorteralls, Justin Bieber doesn't have a lot of free time. Like, those trees are not going to climb themselves, mmmkay? But the Canadian pop star did carve out a few moments in his schedule to (somewhat inexplicably) post two low-quality photos of Ryan Gosling on his Instagram account with the caption "what a beast."

Seriously, Justin: What do you mean? Because we're nodding our head yes, but we wanna say no, and it's all really confusing. Much like that photo of Ryan bottle feeding a baby.

It's hard to understand the inner workings of Bieber, but to be honest, this public declaration of Gosling worship has made him more relatable than ever.  

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Mehera Bonner is a celebrity and entertainment news writer who enjoys Bravo and Antiques Roadshow with equal enthusiasm. She was previously entertainment editor at Marie Claire and has covered pop culture for over a decade.