Kim Kardashian Is Back with Another Internet-Breaking Selfie

Cue Piers Morgan's Sexist Response in 3...2...1

Kim Kardashian
(Image credit: Getty)

Kim Kardashian is getting back in touch with her roots. And by that we mean she's taking mirror selfies in swimwear again, because it's her life, and she can do what she wants with her own body due to #feminism.

Fine, yes, we can argue all day about the Kardashians, celebrity, beauty standards, and *what it all means,* but guess what? There are a bunch of super sexist people on Twitter to do that for us [ahem, insert Piers Morgan vs. Emily Ratajkowski here (opens in new tab), which means the rest of the world can spend their time all "👏 👏 👏 👏 , looking good, Kim!"

But most importantly, we can *also* spend our time taking a leaf out of Mrs. West's book (opens in new tab) and combating the horrible systemic racism that exists in this country.

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