This Is What Kim Kardashian Looks Like Without Extensions

How her hair might have predicted The Call.

Kim Kardashian
(Image credit: Getty)

It could be that she was fully intending to unload some Woodward and Bernstein-type reporting onto Snapchat (opens in new tab) soon after, but the real reason Kim Kardashian's hair has seem to have deflated since early July (opens in new tab)? First, a pic.

Kim Kardashian

(Image credit: Courtesy Revolve)

Then, let her tell you herself.

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Okay, so maybe she won't ever own up to it being a symbol of her lightened conscience or battle prep (opens in new tab)—extensions are such a liability in a fight, you know?—but it *has* looked great with both black Givenchy and peep-toe denim over-the-knee boots on the beach, practically (opens in new tab). But either way, we doubt she'll be wearing earrings to any music awards shows anytime soon...

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