Taylor Swift Threw Lorde an Epic 20th Birthday Party

And everyone from Karlie Kloss to Aziz Ansari was there.


Lorde turned 20 yesterday and it was *literally* all she could think about.

"Tomorrow I turn 20, and it's all I've been able to think about for days," she wrote in an emotional Facebook post about her birthday, her new music, and the many ~feels~ she was having about her impending adulthood. "I walk around the city, up by the park and by the health food store and down into the subway, this new age hanging in front of my eyes like two of those Mylar balloons that never come down. Can people see it, I wonder, that I'm about to cross over?"

Looks like Lorde's 20th wasn't just a Big Deal to her. It was also a Big Deal to her BFF, Taylor Swift, who, let's be honest, makes a Big Deal out of all of her friends' most special days (but that's probably why approximately one million famous people want to be her best friend).

Taylor threw Lorde (or Ella, as Taylor nonchalantly calls her all over social media) an epic party.

And the day was also a Big Deal to the very large, eclectic group of celebrities who attended.

Like Karlie Kloss:

And Tavi Gevinson:

And Mae Whitman:

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And Aziz Ansari, because why not?

Turning 20 probably isn't *so* traumatic at a party like this one, right?

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