Kylie Jenner Is Back to Blonde

Welcome to chapter 1,000 of "Is Kylie Jenner Wearing a Wig?"

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(Image credit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner)

To say Kylie Jenner likes to switch up her hair is an understatement. The 19-year-old reality star's first love is beauty, and she changes up her style every opportunity she gets. Which brings us to her newest look: a sleek blonde bob.

While nothing is certain in this ever-confusing world, it *looks* like Kylie is wearing a wig, something she is prone to do when she doesn't want to damage her hair with harsh dyes.

Further bolstering the "This Is a Wig" theory is the fact that Kylie's go-to wig guy has an array of photos featuring her new look up on his Instagram—though it's possible he simply gave her the cut.

Either way, love it, blondes have more fun, etc, etc.

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Mehera Bonner is a news writer who focuses on celebrities and royals.