Watch Rihanna and Drake's Oh-So-Awkward Reunion at a Kid's Birthday Party

Well, it had to happen *somewhere*.

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You can't avoid your exes forever, even if you're Drake and Rihanna. As Billboard reports, the on-and-off-again couple were recently spotted in the same space for the first time since their latest split in October.

So where did this run-in happen, you might ask? An award show? A Hollywood hotspot? Nope. At a little kid's birthday party. Just when you thought things couldn't get more awkward.

In footage leaked through a mutual friend's Snapchat (where else?), Rihanna can be seen playing with little kids by a ball pit while Drake sits awkwardly in a corner at the same party, surveying the scene and, we presume, mentally counting down the minutes until he can politely bow out.

We've all been there.

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