Taylor Swift's BFF Reveals the Meaning Behind Her New Song's Name

Oh, *that's* why it's called "Look What You Made Me Do."

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(Image credit: Taylor Swift/Vevo)

We know Taylor Swift's new song is about shade, and snakes, and reinvention, and hating tilted stages, but what's up with the song title? In case you've been living under a pop cultural rock (in which case, bless), Taylor's new single is called "Look What You Made Me Do (opens in new tab)," and it's like, cool, friend, but what did we make you do?

Well Taylor's friend Todrick Hall (who appears as a dancer in the video) has all the answers we've been craving. "I'm so inspired by her," he tells ET (opens in new tab). "And when she says, 'Look what you made me do,' she means, 'Look what you made me do… you made me break records, you made me sell more records than anyone else'…it's just really insane."

Presumably the "you" in question are the people who have spent the past year spamming Swift with snake emojis, not to mention the celebrities who have given her free publicity by way of public feuding. And fair enough, half the fun in watching Taylor's video is going on an easter egg hunt of shade. They (and she) made us do that.


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Mehera Bonner
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