How to Turn Self-Love Into Selfless Love with The Body Shop

This holiday season, The Body Shop is teaming up with CARE® USA to give back to the unpaid caregivers who support our communities—and you can help.

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During hectic times (at home, in your community, globally—take your pick), self-care can often get overlooked. And that’s a problem: Taking the time to focus on meeting your own needs is one of the best ways to take care of everyone else who relies on you. Like that old airport adage says: You have to put your own oxygen mask on before helping others. In the beginning of the year, The Body Shop launched a global movement called Self-Love Uprising, which celebrates the act of self-care and addresses the alarming fact that one in two people say they experience more self-doubt than self-love. The goal was to foster ways to create more self-acceptance on your journey to better self-love.

And this holiday season, the brand is encouraging you to turn that love outward. The Body Shop’s new holiday campaign Spread the Love, Share the Joy celebrates the selfless contributions made by caregivers through its partnership with CARE® USA, a nonprofit that’s been fighting poverty since 1945. A  donation of $50,000 will support CARE’s work to deliver 10 million  CARE Packages®—which include life-saving food and critical services—to families in need in the U.S. by the end of 2021. 

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But that’s just the start of what The Body Shop wants to accomplish this holiday season, and here’s where you come in: Chances are that you know someone who functions as a caregiver. One in 10 adults is involved in providing care to people with limited abilities, such as the elderly or those with physical or mental disabilities. What’s more, these responsibilities are non-stop throughout the year, usually unpaid, and fall disproportionately on women and girls. Caregivers are the unsung heroes who keep our communities running, and yet, according to Carers UK, eight in ten caregivers report feelings of loneliness and isolation. Limited budgets, increasing responsibilities under the pandemic, and the stress of the holidays mean that these important individuals are so busy caring for others that they rarely have the time to spend on themselves. That’s why The Body Shop is offering you the opportunity to shine a light on the caregivers who support you all year round.

Starting this Black Friday, The Body Shop is offering a giveback promotion on its Community Care Pouch, a special-edition holiday gift full of luscious body and skincare products for your self-love journey. Two dollars from each pouch purchased will go to CARE USA—up to an additional $25,000—for a total donation of $75,000. 

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And to keep the selfless love going, The Body Shop will be highlighting the worthy work of caregivers all holiday long with Portraits of Care, a social media activation celebrating local caregivers that keep our communities running. Head to @thebodyshopnorthamerica to share a portrait of your caregiver by using the #givewithjoy hashtag and custom augmented reality filter on your Instagram Stories. 

So visit this Black Friday and show the caregiver(s) in your life how much their work is valued. Because one act of selfless love can make a huge impact in your community and beyond. 

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