27 Dresses

Though 27 Dresses, starring Katherine Heigl, wasn't the Holy Grail of chick flicks, it was certainly one hour and 47 minutes of entertainment — which we can chalk up to Heigl's charm, James Marsden's hotness, and the array of dresses, each a different shade of hideous-slash-awesome. But what my friends and I were talking about the most as we left the theater was Heigl's bod. Yeah, she's got an hourglass figure most of us would kill for, but she's certainly doesn't look like she's going hungry. There's no glorifying the bobble-headed-stick-figure aesthetic, and I think that's why most of us have a girl-crush on her. Watching Heigl onscreen didn't make me regret my giant trough of popcorn or feel like I should get a few ribs removed. Heigl strutted in each of the 27 dresses with the élan of someone truly comfortable in her skin, a quality lacking in a lot of Hollywood starlets, not to mention in us mere mortals. So, bottoms up on that tub of popcorn.

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