Kourtney Kardashian Found Summer's Most Affordable Bikini

She's feelin' her sexy swimsuit.

Summer is the time to break out your favorite swimsuits for the 'gram, and Kourtney Kardashian is already on it. The reality star shared a quick snap of herself lounging on a couch under a tree and captioned it, "you can find me here." Though Kourtney didn't specify where exactly "here" was, we can assume she was hanging out in the backyard of someone's house (perhaps her own?).

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The main focus of the photo, however, was her swimsuit. Kourtney took advantage of the day's beautiful weather by slipping into a brown bikini—the $45 two piece was from Naked Wardrobe. The swimsuit top featured a knotted front design while the bottoms were designed with a high-waisted fit. She shielded her eyes with a pair of sunglasses and looked away from the camera for that oh-so-candid pose. If you want to channel the same summer vibes, I suggest first getting Kourtney's exact bikini, below. Then, practice posing for Instagram.


Naked Wardrobe, $45 SHOP IT

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