What I'm Loving: My Calleen Cordero Booties

Calleen Cordero is an awesome accessories brand that I discovered at the D&A event last year. I was literally on my way out when this beautiful pair of knee-high, leather studded boots caught my eye. I stopped to check out the collection and realized that every piece had this worn-in, studded, cowboy vibe going on that was perfect for a story we were working on at the time inspired by the midwest.

But what has kept me going back to Calleen Cordero's designs is that she has a fashion conscious that is reflected in every piece that she produces. For instance, all of her products (including the cool Mira booties I own in the first pic!) use leather that is vegetable-tanned and chrome-free. The glues are 80 percent non-toxic to the environment and all woods are from sustainable forests or recycled plywood.

Below are two of my favorite pieces from her most recent collection. The Manta boots and Manta bag are made with vintage Persian textile rugs and, like everything else from Calleen, the leathers are vegetable-dyed and chrome-free.

Shop away!

Manta boots: $819; available this fall at calleencordero.com

Manta bag: $799; available this fall at calleencordero.com

Mira booties (top): $629; available at calleencordero.com or, for special request color, call (323) 934-5541

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