Friends of Finn to Host the Cruelty to Kindness Gala!

For as long as I can remember, I've always adored animals. It could be genetic: My great-grandfather had an active farm in California, which at one point contained a zoo with zebras and polar bears! And today, at my family house in the Hamptons, my mother has all these different types of duck, chicken, and goose — not to mention miniature goats, a donkey, and even an Emu! But whatever the reason, my love for animals is what led me to work with the Humane Society of the United States and (last year) start Friends of Finn, a "puppy partner" of the HSUS that fights the industry of puppy mills.

I started Friends of Finn after finding out that my dog, Finnegan, was not from a breeder as the pet store had alleged, but from a full-fledged puppy mill that at one point had 900 animals at once! It was devastating news, and I even visited animals rescued from a puppy mill last fall to see first-hand what they had gone through. I won't get into the details because I'm sure you can imagine, but long story short: puppy mills are atrocious. No animal should be treated like that, and so the aim of Friends of Finn is to raise money and awareness to ultimately end puppy mills forever!

This year, we are helping to throw the HSUS Gala on October 5 because the theme is "animal rescue." In anticipation of the big event, Friends of Finn members Georgina Bloomberg and Annie Churchill Albert (along with myself) threw a cocktail party at the Stella McCartney store last week and it was amazing! We even raised money, and it wasn't a fundraiser! Anyway, thank you to all who went and below are some pics from the party. To learn more about Friends of Finn, please check out the website we just launched!

Me with finn, the man who started it all!

Georgina Bloomberg with her pups — they are rescues!

Annie Churchill Albert and Groucho.

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