Establishing Your Own Style

Dan Lecca

Is there a way to figure out your own style? I keep buying into trends, but I get tired of them quickly. This is my first year in college, and I try to look pulled together but seem to fail every time. I want to dress in a sophisticated and mature way, but at the same time look hip and be comfortable. Can this be done, and if so, how?

It's easy to fall victim to fashion, especially if you read style magazines religiously. As a trend follower, it may be hard for you to wear the items you bought last season.

My suggestion is that you invest in some key basics, like black pants and simple crewneck sweaters in such colors as cream, black or tan. When you have a good base of clothes to work from, you'll find it easy to follow trends by buying one or two pieces that you can incorporate into your wardrobe each season.

Another smart way to keep up with current trends is to buy accessories rather than loud dresses, tops and pants.

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