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The Winter Accessory Every Celeb Is Wearing (and That You Need Right Now)

Top of the wish list.

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When the temperature drops, it can be tough to stay warm and chic. Which is why we pay close attention to what our favorite (and sartorially adept), celebrities are wearing. When we spotted Olivia Palermo, Sienna Miller, and Julia Sarr-Jamois all wearing Charlotte Simone's fun and cozy fur scarves (which are also available in faux-fur), it was clear what we should invest in next.

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Olivia Palermo, Sienna Miller and Alexa Chung in Charlotte Simone.
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Based in London, Simone's collection includes fuzzy scarves in a myriad of colors and designs (we personally love the stripes), and was inspired by a year spent in Paris. After admiring the chic women around her and their affinity for scarves, Simone sought to create a version that was both functional and beautiful. The result? Two key scarf styles that have become cult-loved by fashionistas and celebrities worldwide.

Charlotte Simone scarves are available at Kirna Zabete, Bloomingdales, American Two Shot, Five Story and Net-a-Porter.

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