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Kathryn Wirsing

New Year's resolutions are right around the corner (already, I know), and everyone everywhere will be fixated on giving themselves a refresh. But we here at Marie Claire figured: Why not get a head start? Something about ending the year with a bang just feels right—especially since we're planning to take on 2015 in a big way. 

What are you going to see here? Lots more of what you love: news the second it happens, style inspiration from your favorite stars, beauty tips that will change your life, and career insights that will give you a leg up on climbing the ladder, all with Marie Claire's signature sophisticated spin. You'll also see new content that addresses a wider swath of women's lives: political coverage, conversations about issues that matter, and lots of personal essays from people whose experiences are fascinatingly different—or perhaps reassuringly similar—to your own.

And in true Marie Claire style, the way we're delivering this content is exceptionally chic. As you can see on this very page, we've revamped our look to be sleek, modern, and feminine at the same time. Larger images showcase our photography (and allow you to pore over every detail of that celeb outfit pic), and a simplified homepage makes it easy to see what you need to read now. If you're on a phone or tablet, you've already noticed that this whole pretty package looks just as good on a smaller screen. And with new social buttons, sharing stories with your friends is faster than ever.

This is an exciting time for Marie Claire—and for myself, too. As the newly appointed site director, I'm thrilled to join up with a brand I love (fashion and feminism? What could be better?!) and eager to hit the ground running. Say hi in the comments below, and tell me what you think of our big new adventure. Can't wait to see more of you along the way.

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