Project Runway Episode 2 Recap: Seth Aaron's Take

Former winner Seth Aaron Henderson sums up each new episode of Project Runway just for MC.

We are beyond thrilled to have former winner of Project Runway, Seth Aaron Henderson writing recaps of every episode for us each week. And be sure to check out his groovy iPad covers at and his collections at

Hi boys and girls!!!!!!! So It's week two and the famous, juicy, fantastical and sometimes dreaded by Constance challenge has arrived. Yes indeedy it's the "Unconventional Challenge"! So this week our mixed dog pound, aka designers, are escorted to a local NYC pet store where Tim meets them and shares that they are to use the pet shop as their inspiration and also that everything needed for this challenge will be found inside. They are given $300 and some super advice from Papa Gunn "NOTTTTTT! to use materials that can be easily viewed as fabric" but to think outside the doghouse and show innovation, creativity and a stand-apart point of view from the rest of the pack.

So let's jump right in the kennel and do some barking, on a scale of 0-5 Barks!


I didn't mind this look. It was well made and proportioned properly. But it lacked the "wow" factor. Maybe if the hair was cleaner and done up, we could see more of the technical work in the top and it would have been noticed. I give this 3 Barks.


On this very safe look?????????? Well damn. It was safe. Suppose that's why it got the IDK middle slot. I give this 2 Barks.


Let's just start with the fact that this was my winner! F****** amazing! This was everything this challenge was about. The neck on it alone made tears want to fall out of my face. I give this 5 Barks and 2 Woofs.


WTF?!? I have a safe card, so let's f-off and do nothing. This showed a lack of drive to win this competition to me. He is super lucky as Heidi said. He would have definitely gone home. I give this 0 Barks and 5 Pees.


Samuri Petco? And all the pups are dead. I give this 1 Bark.


This was pretty cool. I just wish it was a little more wow!! I give this 2 Barks.


I think if Bryce had had pee pee on the skirt it would have been better. Classic Project Runway mistake: Never, never, never to the multi-layer T-skirt! It will kill you. I honestly thought he might go home. For future contestants, please watch all of the other seasons! But if Bryce had continued with the top and made it a well-fitted and short dress, it could have been a winner! I give this 1/2 a Bark.


This look was just...well it was just...what did it look like? I don't remember it. Step it up, sister! I give this 1 Bark.


Ya, the judges said it all. Hello 1995 "Pick me up in a bar" outfit. I give this 0 Barks and 5 howls.


I really, really, really liked this! And my wife Tina loved it! Well done, Viktor. It got overlooked because of the materials used. I give this 3 Barks.


Creative, but just not right! I give this 1 Bark.


Congrats to you. Loved you in the auditions...and I don't mean that in a gay way. Or maybe I do? Haha. I think you are superb, proper and smart. I just wish the top was more fitted and finished. I give this 4 Barks.


Oh Becky! This wasn't bad. It could have gone way too much Portland mother but you managed to keep it real. Liked it and thought it was interesting. Too bad the judges didn't. I give it 3 Barks.


Thank the good lord baby Jesus, little missy did not keep the ass skirt! As I recall Ping, aka "I said I didn't speak English but really did" busted this s**t in episode two of Season Seven and should have gone home. So good call, Laura. But I do have to point out one thing, a nylon leash is a form of fabric. Just an FYI, Miss Better Off.


Call me crazy, but I f***ing love this guy. He really designs like a winner to me! As I remember from the casting we told him "maybe", only because he showed menswear. But inside I knew he was a winner. The look was modern, on trend and cool. Hope he makes it to the end! I give this 5 Barks.

Thanks for stopping by this week and remember Project Runway and Marie Claire rock!

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