Jourdan Dunn Inexplicably Tweets That the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Is "BS"


Model wearing a silver colored corset with pink angel wings.
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This year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show tapes in just six days, and it's going to be even more of a doozy than usual, judging by the gushy acceptance videos (opens in new tab), a headline performer dropping out at the last minute (opens in new tab), and now, one of its unofficial faces tweeting a rather inflammatory message.

Tweet by Jourdan Dunn

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The Brit model and pre-Taylor Swift BFF of Cara Delevingne has walked the last three shows but confirmed she won't be making it a four-peat in an Instagram comment Tuesday.

Oookay. Weird AF (opens in new tab), but okay. Is Dunn done (heh) with the brand? Was she not booked? WHAT IS GOING ON? At this point, all we know is that we'll miss this face.

Model in angel wings turns at end of runway.

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