What to Get the Good Samaritan on Your Holiday List

Done and done.

Since it's almost mid-December, the gift-buying marathon is in full swing. We're sure you (like us!) are hemming and hawing about what to get a certain someone for the holidays that will actually mean something. So when we heard about the Peninsula Hotels' latest philanthropic endeavor with toy-art collective Papinee, we thought: This. Is. It.

This holiday season, the hotel is offering a new edition of its adorable plush SnowPage toy. Sporting the hotels' iconic pageboy cap, monogrammed red scarf, and homemade Peninsula cookie-buttons, these snowmen are decked out in luxury fabrics with elaborate embroidery specifically designed to match each of its ten locations, from New York to Shanghai.

And what's more? A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation and other local charities, adding to the (more than) $1.5 million the group has raised through its holiday campaigns.

If that won't put a smile on your loved one's face, we're not sure what will.

SnowPage plush toys, $75 each; peninsula.com (opens in new tab) for hotel locations to purchase.

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