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Mor means "peacock" in Hindi (and is also the last name of one of this company's founders). But we thought it meant "More! More! More!"- which is exactly what we'd like from this deliciously lavish bath and body line from Dianna Burmas and Deon St. Mor, two Australian-based entrepreneurs with a flair for a well-lived and exotic life and a desire to pamper the body and senses. The Mor website is an inspirational journey through the brand's various product lines, each one distinguished by gorgeous packaging and heavenly (and often sugary) scents. Click on the "Shopping" link, however, and you'll shoot off to a straightforward e-commerce site, where you can search (by product or scent), write product reviews, view specials and best sellers, and, of course, shop. Of the multiple lines, we are partial to Provincial, a veritable orchard of scents (fig and olive, pomegranate, peach) in jewel-colored candle boxes, bath-oil bottles and canisters filled with body balm. We also love the original Dolce line in pastel-colored packaging and sweet but not cloying flavors like marshmallow and sorbet.

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