Fashion Mission: Classic, Feminine Style

On this week's episode of Fashion Mission, watch Karen Blanchard go from rocker chick to the picture of a lady.

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Sometimes, fashion is all about getting out of your comfort zone. A few weeks ago, Fashion Mission's Karen Blanchard took her co-star, Lindsey Calla, to Trash and Vaudeville in search of a little rock 'n' roll. The normally polished, buttoned-up Lindsey emerged the picture of hipster-chic. Now, in part two of the style swap, Lindsey is tasked with convincing Karen to trade in her concert-tee for something a little more ladylike. Despite, Karen's protests that there's more to looking like Kate Middleton than being British, she takes on the challenge with flair.

As MC Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi says, "a truly great stylist is a chameleon."

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