Full Speed Ahead

Read about the sweat and hard work behind Brooklyn's Rock n' Roll 10K run, made possible with Brooks sneakers.

I now have a heightened appreciation for runners. Never having participated in a race (of any kind), I decided there's no time like the present to make a change. So I gave Brooklyn's Rock n' Roll 10k (opens in new tab) a try. If there's one thing I learned, it was that training is essential; my lack of preparation didn't make crossing the finish line any easier.

What did make running a little bit less arduous was my carefully selected playlist and my head-to-toe Brooks getup, including their super sweet Glycerin 11 sneakers (opens in new tab). If nothing else, I totally looked the part. My goal was to jog—granted, at a very slow pace—the entire course without stopping or even walking. When I did that successfully I made sure to let everyone know. In addition to the bragging rights, I rewarded myself by eating a ½ pound of pasta later that night with zero guilt—win, win. I'm definitely no Joan Benoit but I already signed up for my next race.