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Hey, Where'd You Get That?

Know when you see a stranger wearing something that's so awesome you have to stop her and say, "Hey, where'd you get that?" After we realized it was happening all the time in our very own office, we decided to start stalking staffers and beg them to share. Enjoy!

Name: Leslie Smith

M.O.: Managing editor

Why she chose this outfit: "Dresses are more comfortable than pants or suits in this hot weather. I tend to layer on sporty clothes, but today I wanted to feel crisp. I love the stained-glass pattern of the fabric and the obi sash."

Her look: Stunningly sophisticated

Standout item: Patterned dress with obi sash

Where to get it: "I got the dress at DKNY two seasons ago. I think it was around $200. I accessorized with a new Tory Burch cuff and a black plastic bangle I've had for years. I love bracelets. I have two glass vases full of them and two little wooden skyscrapers made by my kids that are stacked with plastic bangles."

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