Dogs in Fashion: 11 Stylish Pups in The Workplace

If every office had a 'bring your dog to work' day, the world would surely be a happier place. We persuaded some of our fashion friends to share snaps—and some funny stories!—of their furry friends in the workplace!


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    Marcello the Toy Poodle

    Marcello from Jim Villa Showroom

    "Marcello's favorite designers are Plein Sud and Delpozo. His nickname is "Muppet" and "Mr. Muppet" when he's in trouble. He's super friendly, especially with the ladies, and slightly OCD with the ball—we all have to hide it sometimes, because he will go from office cubical to cubical waiting for someone to throw it! Or, he will sit there and make funny little noises that actually sound a little a kitten meowing which is weird and cute. I've found him on counter tops, in women's hand bags, on my desk, in my drawer, all in search of this BALL! All over he is the quintessential Italian gigolo as he woes women all over the world... even clients that are NOT dog people have ended up in love with him and they have pictures of him on their screensavers!"

    Courtesy of Ingrid
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