People Are Furious with Beyoncé's Dad Over This Tweet

How could you, Matthew?

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Much like T-Pain when he blew the RPatz/FKA Twigs secret engagement wide open without meaning to, Matthew Knowles has landed himself in some rapidly boiling, salted water with Twitter after jumping the gun on announcing the birth of his twin grandchildren. Daaaaad.

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Fairly innocuous, down to the generic balloons, so why all the fuss? Well, according to Beyhive law, their dear leader should be the first to confirm any Beyoncé-related news, without any overzealous grandparents opening their big mouths.

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Perhaps soon we shall see Matthew Knowles' Twitter go the way of Tina's Instagram—that is, to the social-media account graveyard of Parents with Famous Children Who Cannot Trust Them Not to Accidentally Like the Wrong Comment. RIP. RIP.

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