Every Best Actress Gown from the Oscars Since 1929

That's a lot of high profile dresses, people.

[image id='6708552b-fac0-44e7-8cb6-3de2601405d6' mediaId='911e546b-2894-4c87-9968-66718b56b556' loc='C'][/image]Our sisters across the pond at Cosmopolitan UK took a look back at the best Oscar dresses of all time. Reimagined as a graphical representation instead of red-carpet photos, we love seeing how award-winning actress' fashion tastes have changed since 1929.

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[image id='b17e898f-315d-4921-9088-ed4336b0990c' mediaId='d2644df7-df5f-406e-8a0e-122bdea46dae' loc='C'][/image]
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