Learning to Layer with Damsel in Dior

Damsel in Dior blogger Jacey Duprie knows a thing or two about layering, and more than a thing or two about how to create the perfect fall look. Lucky for us (and for you!), she put together an exclusive fall-inspired photo shoot, and chatted with us about winter coats, mixing prints and patterns, and her new collaboration with jewelry line Gorjana & Griffin.


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    A scarf is the perfect layering piece: It's a great way to add color, and it keeps you warm. "When layering different prints and patterns, I follow this rule," shared Jacey. "Always layer in the opposite direction. If you want to wear two striped pieces, pair a big stripe with a small stripe. Or, pair stripes with florals or checks—it's always a winning combination!"

    Courtesy of Damsel in Dior
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