The 10 Most Fashionable TV Shows of All Time

Whether we watched these shows when we were just ten-years-old or just ten minutes ago, it doesn't matter how much time passes - from the shoulder pads to the plaids, these shows will always go down in fashion history.


cast of my-so-called life
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    My-So-Called Life

    While we were watching Angela deal with the heartbreaks of teenage love, or her best-friend Rayanne party through her adolescence, we also could not get enough of their grungy '90s wardrobes. This realistic portrayal of teen life had us lacing up our Doc Marten’s and running to the nearest drugstore for a bottle of red hair dye. With scrunchie overdoses, mismatched plastic earrings, a barrage of flannel shirts, and the brooding stare of a young Jordan Catalano — sorry, we meant Jared Leto — this coming-of-age drama was a show we will never grow out of.
    Mark Seliger/Disney ABC Television Group
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