Happy 7th Birthday, Twitter!

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It feels like just yesterday, we were all trying to figure out what a hashtag was and were confounded by a 140-character limit. But, today marks the seventh anniversary of Twitter, and it's clearly come a long way. Now, more than 400 million Tweets are sent out each day by the social media platform's more than 200 million users. (That, of course, includes Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry who top the list of followers.)

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See where all the time has gone in this #Twitter7 retrospective video. It includes Marie Claire's own Nina Garcia's super-chic Vine account! And below, we've compiled @MarieClaire's top seven most RTed tweets, in honor of the little blue bird's big day. (As you can see, we have a mad girl crush on one Beyonce Knowles.)

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Now, go ahead and follow us @MarieClaire to see what we'll be hashtagging out in the next seven years, and follow all the birthday buzz at #Twitter7.

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