"Shoes First": Celebrate Shoes the Marie Claire Way

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We'd like to formally state that Marilyn Monroe just might have been mistaken when she said it was diamonds that were a girl's best friend. Our real BFF? Shoes. That's why we're prepping for "Shoes First," a monthlong celebration of shoes so aptly inspired by Nina Garcia's commendable approach to outfit planning. On Oct. 3, Garcia and our editor-in-chief Anne Fulenwider will be joined by our trusty legion of editors — Zanna Roberts Rassi, Kyle Anderson, and more — for a shoe party at Saks Fifth Avenue's shoe department, with another get-together planning for Oct. 16 at Lord & Taylor.

As for logistics, MC will be doling out one pair of designer shoes to one lucky reader each day of October. It's for a good cause, too: Readers can (and should) take advantage of the "Fashion Gives Back" offer, in which a percentage of sales of a $725 pair of pink suede Christian Louboutin pumps will go to the Grameen Foundation.

For more information, head to marieclaire.com.

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