Tim Gunn's Rules of Style

The Project Runway mentor and fashion guru answers all your style conundrums.


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    Get Shorty

    "I am 4'9" and a size 8. Shorts emphasize my already short legs — no length is ever right! I can't wear jeans when it's 90 degrees, nor do I want to wear a dress or a skirt every single day. Any suggestions for a style of shorts that will look somewhat presentable?"

    The fashion challenges for petite women are many, as you know only too well. Every woman's goal, regardless of height and weight, is to appear as long and lean as possible. With shorts, it's important that you look for the following: a slimmer fit (no volume); a length that falls at least an inch above your knee (don't cut your leg in half); and a color that approximates your skin tone. Why? Because it will make your leg — from thigh to ankle — appear longer. Finally, choose tops that, if not tucked in, fall no farther than the widest part of your hip.

    Richard Majchrzak/Studio D
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