The Marie Claire Fashion Team

How's this for Fashion 101? The magazine's top editors have been mentoring the Front Row Challenge finalists to help them get a game plan for their big runway moment. Get to know them now.


Nina Garcia

Title: Fashion Director
Hometown: Barranquilla, Colombia
Education: Boston University and Fashion Institute of Technology
Style icon: My parents
Personal style: Classic, cool, and chic
Job perk: Everything!
Best advice: It's all about creating good, lasting relationships.

Nina Sterghiou

Title: Market Director
Hometown: New York
Education: Bennington College
Style icon: Charlotte Rampling
Personal style: Relaxed but slightly rock 'n' roll
Job perk: The pace. You're barely finished with one season when you're on to the next.
Best advice: You will work harder than any of your friends who are lawyers or bankers, but the personal rewards will be greater.

Zanna Roberts Rassi

Title: Senior Fashion Editor
Hometown: Manchester, U.K.
Education: Manchester
Style icon: The Olsen twins, Sid Vicious, Katherine Hepburn, C.Z. Guest — a total mishmash!
Personal style: Grace Kelly meets Sid Vicious
Job perk: That it doesn't feel like a job.
Best advice: An internship, hard graft, and a genuine passion. You will make it.

Jeremy Spears

Title: Bookings Editor
Hometown: Tennessee
Education: Atlanta College of Art
Style icon: James Dean and Duckie from Pretty in Pink
Personal style: Gutter punk prep
Job perk: The challenge of finding the right model for our shoots. It's the best!
Best advice: Intern as much as possible. Soak it up, research, and know your fashion history.

Courtney Weinblatt

Title: Senior Market Editor
Hometown: Boston
Education: Barnard College and Columbia University
Style icon: Jenna Lyons. She mixes classic items with on-trend pieces to create a look that's uniquely her.
Personal style: Buttoned-up yet edgy
Job perk: No two days are alike. It's an industry that's rooted in change.
Best advice: Intern, intern, intern! There is nothing more important than being prepared for the job that you'd like to have.

Abigail Kalicka

Title: Associate Market Editor
Hometown: Longmeadow, Massachusetts
Education: Syracuse University
Style icon: Carine Roitfeld, Kate Moss, and my mom
Personal style: It's all about the mix. I don't like anything too fussy or overstyled.
Job perk: Getting to be creative. I love focusing on a specific trend or theme and finding all the best pieces to tell the story.
Best advice: Work hard and keep a smile on your face.

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