Real Women's Dress Code

Stylish women share their secrets to creating personalized wardrobes that work overtime.

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    Holly Wiersma

    Film Producer

    What I do: I am in charge of a movie from start to finish. That means finding a script and getting a cast, director, and, most important, money — then seeing them all through until the film's release.

    What I wear: My wardrobe really depends on what phase I am in on a project. I have no daily restrictions, but I think a lot of women in this industry are afraid to dress like women for fear they won't be taken seriously. For me, it's important to dress as who I am while still playing the part.

    Jacket price upon request, Michael Kors; (866) 709-KORS for stores. Pants $530, Wayne; Shoes Fendi, Wiersma's own.

    Mark Leibowitz
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